Google to aquire mobile branch of Motorola

On the q.t. Google bought the mobile branch of Motorola for 12,5 Billion $.

Motorola Mobility is one of the companies making use of Google’s Operating System Android.

Motorola Android

The boards of both companies already agreed the deal that should be done until end of the year, latest in the beginning of 2012.

Read more information (including Google’s official press release) about that deal after the break.

With the most expensive aquisition in the company history Google want to push the Android ecosystem (which probably means the waste pool of patents Motorola is having it’s hands on). This would enhance Google’s position in ongoing patent discussions which.

Despite the Xoom Tablet Motorola’s Android devices sold quite good in the past.

Current plannings want Motorola to continue in developing own devices. Android itself should remain as an open platform.

One thing that might happen is that upcoming Nexus devices won’t be HTC or Samsung made but made by Motorola.

Official Google press release

What do you think about that unexpected deal? Do you think this is a win-win or do you see any loser in that story? Leave your thoughts in the comments.

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